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The Hilltop Gold Project is located 70 km SE of Fairbanks Alaska and sits within the boundaries of the Yukon Tanana Terrain (YTT) which extends from West-Central Alaska well into the Yukon. The YTT consists of deformed and variably metamorphosed mid Paleozoic and older sedimentary, volcanic and plutonic rocks intruded by Mid-Cretaceous and early Tertiary plutonic and minor volcanic rocks. Locally, the Hilltop Project sits within the 40 km long, northwest trending Richardson Gneiss Dome which is cored by a central migmatite, mantled by gneiss and surrounded by lithologically equivalent schist (Noyes el al., 2006).

Bedrock at Hilltop is dominated by a flat lying, broadly folded quartz dominated muscovite-sericte-biotite schist. Within trenches this schist varies from muscovite sericite to quartz-muscovite biotite to quartzite. Metamorphic grade is upper greenschist. Folding here is low amplitude with wavelengths from 0.5 m to 2 m. Quartz veins are common, flat-lying and conformable to the schist foliation ranging in thickness from 2 cm to 0.4 m. Local steeply dipping and cross cutting quartz veins to 1 m in width have been mapped and sampled within trench boundaries.

Within the property boundaries other lithologies found include quartz-feldspar porphyry, massive quartzite, graphite schist and quartz boulders.

The elemental pathfinder associations with gold are clear pathfinder associations consistent with intrusion related gold systems and the exploration model at Hilltop is for Pogo-style mineralization.

Bedrock is quartz-feldspar-biotite-muscovite schist, semi-schist and gneiss with some minor amphibolite with documented QFP float on the property and in the core. Gold mineralization occurs within low angle quartz-pyrite-arsenopyrite veins and veinlets concordant with the foliation of host gneiss and schists. Petrography confirms the presence of pyrite, arsenopyrite, native gold, various secondary arsenic minerals, various secondary bismuth minerals and minor chalcopyrite, sphalerite and galena in mineralized samples.

The combination of gold values with coincident highly anomalous arsenic, antimony, tellurium and bismuth; the lack of anomalous silver, the flat-lying nature of the Au-As-Bi quartz veins, the gneissic host rocks, the proximal IRG affinities suggested by both the Ag: Au and Bi: Au ratios; Hilltop’s proximal location 4km north of the Birch Lake Intrusive and the intrusive affinities suggested by mineralogical studies completed on pan concentrates all suggest that the Hilltop prospect is a proximal IRG prospect similar to Pogo that merits immediate follow-up work.

Gold: $1,254.60 USD/OZ
Silver: $15.91 USD/OZ

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